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Adipose Amigurumi
This is from the new Dr Who episode, I shall say nothing about him except that he's sooooooooooooooo cute! ;o)


I created this myself this evening and here's the pattern for anyone interested:

6sc in ring
2inc 1sc * 2 - 10
inc 1sc inc 2sc * 2 - 14
inc 2sc inc 3sc *2 - 18
inc 3sc 2inc 2sc inc * 2 - 26
6rows around
2inc 5sc 2inc 17sc - 30
6rows around
4sc dec * 6 - 24
3sc dec * 6 - 18
2sc dec * 6 - 12
1sc dec * 6 - 6

Update: for slightly more of a tummy on them I have been adding a stitch right in the middle at the front on the first row after the increase to 30 (so 6sc inc sc to end of round) and then decrease in same place on the last of the rows before the decreasing starts.

Chain 8, slip stich into a circle
ch3 8sc
ch3 2 sc on opp side, repeat for 4 fingers slst last one

6sc in ring
inc 2sc * 2 - 8
inc 3sc * 2 - 10
dec 2sc dec 4sc - 8
ch3 2 sc on opp side, repeat for 4 toes slst last one

Then attach limbs in sensible places! I used small black beads for eyes, and then just sewed a mouth using black embroidery thread. Don't forget the tooth! ;o)

UPDATE: Due to some interest from people I will be selling Adipose for just £4 each (+P&P for those of you I don't see in person). Any extra donations greatly appreciated ;o) but the £4 is enough to cover the material cost plus a little for my time (since he took a whole evening to create!)
If you're interested either leave a comment here or send me a message in your preferred way! :o)

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Oh wow. I want one, but I have no crochet skills wahhh (trust me, I tried - not good).

If you feel like making another.... :-P

he he, check the update! :o)
I'll need to check on postage costs since I haven't posted anything in a *long* time!! :o)

(Apologies for the "Anonymous" post -- I'm KnitDVM on ravelry, but I'm not signed up for LJ.)

Your little guys are very cute! I can't seem to get mine to come out right.

I've followed the instructions, but my arms are coming out really short and stumpy. Is it me, or is there a line missing from the directions for them, or what? It sure *looks* like the arms in the picture are more than three rows long, and it seems like there should be some sort of curve for the shoulder.

Hi there, sorry for the incredible lateness of this response, it's been a *long* time since I've used LiveJournal!

For the arms, it's 3 rows, then chain 3 (to make a thumb) and complete a fourth row, and then there's a 5th row made with chains for fingers. It's a little bit confusing I know! :o)

Need help

I'm having trouble understanding your instructions for the amigurumi adipose, I'm not used to seeing them written out that way. It looks as though by "2inc 1sc*2-10" you mean increase in next 2 sc, then sc in next sc then repeat this whole thing, ending up with 10 sc. But then what does the next line mean? Also, are you referring to the English sc, or to the American sc (= English dc)? Please help!
many thanks!

Hi there, sorry it's taken me so long to respond!

I'm referring to American sc, despite being English, as I learnt with US terms without knowing any better :o)

You are correct in the first line :o)
The second - "inc 1sc inc 2sc * 2 - 14" mean increase in the first stitch, then sc in next sc, then increase in the next sc, then sc in the next 2 sc, repeat that again, and you should get 14 stitches.

I'll be honest, I wrote it down in the shortest way possible so it was quick to scribble down on a piece of paper for me... it perhaps doesn't make sense to anyone else ;o)

What are your abbreviations? And what do the numbers mean at the end of your lines? These are so adorable. (:

ch = chain
sc = single crochet (US)
inc = single crochet increase (2 single crochet in one stitch)
dec = single crochet decrease (turn 2 stitches into 1)
slst = slip stitch (US)

The numbers at the end of the lines are how many stitches you should have in that row.

Hope that helps :o)

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